exile_cammie (exile_cammie) wrote,

Entry the Fifty-ninth

Cammie's Story ~ TC fun, invasions, and unfortunate events!

Sometimes fun happens right in our puddly little town. :)


I'm easily distracted by shiny things, and dancing furry pink things.


I wanna Smeester trophy sooooo bad!

I had an amusing encounter with Fen Pres Largo the other day. I was caught making a sketch of his and Raks' fabulous outfits, when he asked if I'd like it autographed. Sure, I said, why not?


While he was busily oozing charm everywheres...


"somebody" busted out the pink paint. :D (How does she fit all that paint in her pack anyways?) Well, it was very funny!

Sometimes town is so fun that Noids wanna crash the party...


Not to mention Greater Deaths!


Party's over. :(


See, Geotzou had to come rescue Andarius after he got trapped rescuing me after I came to rescue Lightfrost who had gone to rescue Shadowfire from KI Cove. Got it? Good. :D

Speaking of unfortunate...


Yup, I fell to a Water Lizard. :P

Til next time,
~ Cammie

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