exile_cammie (exile_cammie) wrote,

Entry the Sixty-sixth

Cammie's story ~ A really hot time!

We were ambling around MI when my favorite Fen healer asked if we'd like to go hunt Toks. Sounds hot! And with my hubby's sexy pf we were good to go!


The unfortunate result of my Mad Tag Party. I do think I managed to hit everything though! :D

We ran into trouble deep in, when we met up with some Shamans who had no arms and shot fire out of their backs... or somethin! Anyways, most of us fell and unfortunately our pf got left behind. Oops! After assuring him we were comin back, we waited around for another pf. I got some knitting done, and then Kisa showed up. Yay! Back into the fiery fray...


He solo'ed it. *nod*


I even managed to drag this really cool Lava Beetle trophy all the way out of the mine! There was a scary moment when I got double-rocked outside the keep, but beaten and bloody I heroically brought him to town. Go me! (His name, by the way, is Mr. Burns.)

Not having our day's fill of trouble yet, BKC and I headed off to the Savannah.


I got hypnotized by a pretty shiny thing and... ended up here. It wasn't my fault, I swear! It was so... shiny!


Well... :P

Til next time,
~ Cammie
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