exile_cammie (exile_cammie) wrote,

Entry the Seventy-first

Cammie's Story ~ Town raided by exiles!

We were innocently chillin in town one day when all of a sudden, slugapalooza! Well that's not so strange, but what happened next was!


I'm not sure what happened here, but I'm pretty sure it was Trowl's fault.


I am transformed into a mighty leech... I WAS mighty, dammit! MURPLE!


I'm still not sure if this was real or a bad 'nip trip, but it was kinda fun whatever it was. Ribbit!

Speaking of strange invasions...


Ever been walkin through town and get run over by a boat? Well, it's not nearly as much fun as it looks lemme tell ya!


Kora went one snell too far north. :D

Til next time,
~ Cammie

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