January 4th, 2009

Entry the Thirteenth

Cammie's Story ~ Stomp stomp!

This entry begins a new chapter in my exile, as I've been welcomed into The Order of the White Elephant! I am excited and honored to say the least. I'm sure I wasn't chosen for my awesome fighting skills, so it must have been my charming personality, frisky feline cuteness, or unrivaled modesty! ;) Anyways, tanks for making me a part of the family. Tuska OWE!!!

After just narrowly failing my circle test last week (I shall pass this week for sure!), I made an important training decision. I've decided to become a student of that toothy fen Dentir Longtooth. Hopefully as I advance in my training I can be of service to my new clan, and enjoy the personal enrichment of a new skill. There is so much I want to learn!

Here are some sketches of the busy day of my Clan induction!

It started with the Open Hunt to the Ethereal Forge. Or, what Maeght said:


Now I hear "Ethereal" I think puffy clouds, some harp music, maybe a unicorn or two... not ugly skeletals and big things with gnashy teeth!


I think I was mildly useful on this hunt, as my broadsword sliced through many an Ethereal Slug (and required a thorough de-sliming afterwards).


This humble looking hut is the Forge itself. Tanks to the Mystics doing... whatever Mystics do and my new clanmate Noivad, I now have my very own Ethereal Amulet.

After all the Amulets were forged, we headed back to town. I met with the Sheriff and other OWE members in his office to find I had been accepted into the Clan. :) So happily we went off to the Clan house... to find this! Tearers, Rippers, and other violently-named critters had invaded the walls of Puddleby!



Falling on the way to the Clan house, it was hard not to see the humor. :D


Huzzah! May my little fen feets make a mighty STOMP! STOMP!

Til next time,
~ Cammie