exile_cammie (exile_cammie) wrote,

Entry the Seventy-fifth

Cammie's Story ~ Open Hunt Scrapbook, part two

Each week Daimoth hosts an Open Hunt to the Slate or Pitch Caves. I usually don't go due to complete lack of skillz very important pressing engagements *cough*, but I couldn't pass up a trip to the ever-mysterious-and-challenging Book Two!


I think it took longer to cross these webs in front of the book than it did to get to the book itself...


But at last we made it. I am not a pathfinder myself (I still get lost in town) but I was there to sketch and report the EPIC achievement!

Next, the Mystic Xel (who made the trip possible by teleporting us) wanted to study from a mysticy-type book hidden deep... somewhere! (okie, I'm a lil fuzzy on the details. 'swhy I'm not a Mystic!) Anyways, seemed the least we could do for the guy! So off we went to Places Unknown.


But... but... i iz smart! I IZ! *kicks the dumb book* There, that'll show ya!

This trip went off without a hitch and felt truly like an EPIC adventure. Tanks to Daimoth, Xel, all the healers and everyone who made this experience possible! Shame the timing coincided with the hubby's travels, as he had just finished Book One, but at least now we know it can be done!


There will never be anything funnier than someone popping an explodey bubble on Trowl. EVER. :D :D

Til next time,
~ Cammie

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