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Entry the Seventy-sixth

Cammie's Story ~ Fun with Souls!

Well today started off with a personal achievement - finally beating the Plains Maha Ruknee challenge! I am now "very knowledgeable about the earth," on the road to Rangery goodness, so hopefully in about 60 more Goss lessons I'll be ready at last!


I like how grumpy the head looks. Like it's saying "hmmmph!" :D

I decided to tag along on the latest outing to Thaumaturge's Lair (still have no idea who Thaumaturge is or why he needs a lair, but dat's another story!) Anyways, in retrospect this might not have been such a good idea for some of us.


When an evil Mystic says he needs to test something while standing in a creepy pentagram thingy... RUN!


Tastes great, less filling.


This would have served the dual purpose of a cool trophy AND sewing Trowl's mouth shut! (I kid, I kid.)


I guess I'm evil now. Darn!


Grr arrg brains, etc... Zombie!Cammie terrifies the masses (until SC and Leinis take her down with two swings). ;p

Well apparently all the zombing and killing and re-zombing served a purpose to those who know about such things, so I'm glad I could help them get into the lair in this... interesting way! I'm not entirely sure where my soul ended up, but they always say it's in the last place you look...

Til next time,
~ Cammie

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